Description of the specialty “Physical therapy, ergotherapy”

227- “Physical therapy, ergotherapy” (Physical rehabilitation) Physical therapy, ergotherapy (Physical Rehabilitation, Physical therapy) is a type of treatment that uses physical factors, exercises and natural factors to restore the health, lost functions, physical condition and performance of patients. Ergotherapy is aimed at adapting the patient to daily life, restoring and maintaining the necessary everyday self-care skills, actions aimed at its socialization and development.

Training period: 1.5-2 years – with a master’s degree.

List of application documents: passport or other document proving citizenship (original and copies) bachelor’s degree (original and copies) Bachelor’s Diploma Supplement (original and copies) creative achievements, if any (scientific articles in the chosen specialty) military document (for boys; original and copies) identification code (original and copies) four pictures. The copies shall be certified by the selection boards of the faculties and institutes if the original is available. Selection commissions need to keep copies of the documents.

Responsible from the department for admission to magistracy Svitlana Borysivna Latenko +38099 029 2950 

Selection Committee (Documents Reception) Placement: Room 157-2 Building 16 (5th Floor)