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Description of the specialty “Physical therapy, ergotherapy”

227- “Physical therapy, ergotherapy” (Physical rehabilitation)

Physical therapy, ergotherapy (Physical Rehabilitation, Physical therapy) is a type of treatment that uses physical factors, exercises and natural factors to restore the health, lost functions, physical condition and performance of patients. Ergotherapy is aimed at adapting the patient to daily life, restoring and maintaining the necessary everyday self-care skills, actions aimed at its socialization and development.

Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy, ergotherapy is taken by persons who have completed a complete general secondary education or educational qualification level of junior specialist.

Training period:

4 years – with a Bachelor’s degree (based on full secondary education);Форми навчання: денна

For admission under the state order in 2022, admission is based on the results of the national multi-subject test (BAT) or external independent evaluation (EIE) 2019-2021 + cover letter.

For admission to study at the expense of individuals / legal entities, only a motivation letter is enough (except for specialty 122).

Weights of items for calculating the competition score:

Specialty Ukrainian language Mathematics History of Ukraine
227 Physical therapy, occupational therapy 0,35 0,4 0,25

Applicants can submit up to five applications for state and regional procurement positions in fixed (closed) and open bids, and up to twenty applications for training at the expense of individuals and / or legal entities.

The average score of the certificate of complete secondary education in 2022 is not taken into account, as well as rural, sectoral and regional coefficients!

Applications shall be submitted exclusively in electronic form, except for the categories specified in paragraph VI.1The procedure for admission to higher education in 2022

If so, you are entitled to special admission requirements. According to the Procedure for Admission to Higher Education in 2022, you can participate in the competition within the quota-1 and quota-2 in accordance with paragraph I.5 of this Order. More details on the procedure for submitting documents can be found on the website of the Admissions Committee of KPI. Igor Sikorsky.

Acceptance of applications and documents, entrance examinations, competitive selection and enrollment of entrants on the basis of complete general secondary education is carried out in the following terms *:

Registration for the National

Multimedia Test (NMT)

March 09 – April 19, 2022
Start of registration of electronic offices of entrants, download of necessary documents July 1, 2022
National Multimedia Test (main session) July 18 – August 10, 2022
Start accepting applications and documents from entrants July 29, 2022
Completion of applications and documents for persons entitled to take an individual oral interview 18:00 August 08, 2022
Conducting individual oral interviews 09 – 16 August
Completion of applications and documents for applicants based on the results of the national multimedia theta 18:00 August 23, 2022
Terms of publication of the rating list of entrants with the indication of the recommended for enrollment in the places of the state order no later than August 29, 2022
Expiration of the term of fulfillment by the entrants of the requirements for enrollment in the places of the state order 18:00 September 2, 2022
Enrollment of entrants by state order September 5, 2022
Expiration of the deadline for enrollment of entrants participating in the competitive selection for places financed by individuals and legal entities until 17:00 on September 16, 2022
Enrollment of entrants at the expense of individuals and legal entities no later than September 17, 2022

*Pay attention!!! The thorns may change due to hostilities in our country.

With the schedule of the admission commission of KPI. Igor Sikorsky can be found here (

The list of documents required for admission can be found here (

Rules of admission to KPI. Igor Sikorsky in 2022

Rules of admission to KPI. Igor Sikorsky will be published by May 31, 2022

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Other important information regarding admission to the 1st year on the basis of a diploma of a junior specialist, professional junior bachelor or junior bachelor can be found on the website of the Admissions Committee of KPI. Igor Sikorsky (