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Description of the specialty “Physical therapy, ergotherapy”

227- “Physical therapy, ergotherapy” (Physical rehabilitation)

Physical therapy, ergotherapy (Physical Rehabilitation, Physical therapy) is a type of treatment that uses physical factors, exercises and natural factors to restore the health, lost functions, physical condition and performance of patients. Ergotherapy is aimed at adapting the patient to daily life, restoring and maintaining the necessary everyday self-care skills, actions aimed at its socialization and development.

Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy, ergotherapy is taken by persons who have completed a complete general secondary education or educational qualification level of junior specialist.

Training period:
4 years – with a Bachelor’s degree (based on full secondary education);

Forms of study: full-time

The list of competitive subjects in the certificate of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment:

Bachelor’s Degree Specialty List of Competition Items Weighting Ratios Minimum Score for Admission to the Competition or for Enrollment

Ukrainian language and literature 0.2 not less than 100 points

Biology or Chemistry 0.4 One not less than 125 provided the other not less than 100

Physics or Mathematics 0.35

In 2019, external independent assessment certificates of 2017, 2018 and 2019 are accepted, except for the English, French, German and Spanish evaluations, the results of which are accepted only from the external independent evaluation certificates of 2018 and 2019.

For entry to the first course for the bachelor’s degree on the basis of complete general secondary education, the competition score is calculated by the formula:

Competition score (KB) = K1 * P1 + K2 * P2 + K3 * P3 + K4 * A + K5 * OU

where P1, P2 – marks of external independent assessment or entrance examinations in the first and second competitive subjects; P3 – assessment of external independent evaluation, entrance examination or creative competition in the third competitive subject; A – the average grade of the document about the complete secondary education, translated into a scale of 100 to 200 points according to the table of transfer of the average score of the document of the complete secondary education, calculated on a 12-point scale, to a scale of 100-200 (according to Annex 5 to the Conditions admission), OU – a score for successful completion of the system of pre-university training KPI them. Igor Sikorsky on a scale of 100 to 200 points (calculated in accordance with a separate Regulation).

The integral weights K1, K2, K3, K4 and K5 shall be set in accordance with the Annexes to these Rules.

Grades from the document on complete secondary education, which are displayed on a 5-point scale, are taken as follows: “3” corresponds to “6”, “4” corresponds to “9”, “5” corresponds to “12”. In the absence of an objective supplement to the document on the comprehensive secondary education, its grade point average in the 12-point scale is considered to be 2.

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